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Abundant. With Kylie Nel

Jan 25, 2022

This episode was WILD!
We spoke about how Jodhi’s 2nd child was still born, and how this trauma led to awakening her intuition and inner witch. The interplay between traditional medicine and using your own intuitive knowledge; as well as using alternative sources like magic mushrooms to ignite your inner power. 


Jan 25, 2022

This week's episode was jam packed with what it truly means to create soul converting content, why it’s the number one thing I focus on with my clients, and how I have used attraction marketing to build a multi-6 fig biz & now help women to do the same. 

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Jan 20, 2022

This week's guest on the abundant podcast is Rachael Fisher, Mindset & Energetics Coach. 

We had such incredible conversations around self-trust, why it's important and how you can start to cultivate it for your business. 

Ready for next level leadership? Then this episode is for you! 

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Jan 20, 2022

This week's episode is one for the books my love - it's time we started having more conversations around self-trust and how it impacts your trajectory towards success. 

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Jan 13, 2022

This week's guest episode was with one of my incredible biz besties, Em Aranda - a.k.a That Champagne Lifestyle founder. She is the absolute QUEEN of living the luxury life, and helps other women to manifest their most expansive life and biz too!

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